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Arts and Culture

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Event date and time: 22/09/2016 18:05:30

The NMMU Department of Arts & Culture in collaboration with the Disability Unit will launch an artAble Exhibition at, South Campus on  September 2016. Date & venue TBC


The exhibition was birthed by the NMMU Arts & Culture Department following their Mandela Day visit to Cheshire Home where staff met with five artists namely:  Gladys Cloete, Sarah Mackay, Marion Cawood, Dan Mkele and Jackson Gqomo.  

This inspired and evoked the need to showcase their amazing artworks. Despite the physical challenges they face, the love for art enables them to produce excellent artworks.

The exhibition will begin in September 2016 .

Members of the public wanting to purchase the paintings can contact Aarti on 041-504 4559.